About Sol

I’ve been a techie ever since I bought my first microcomputer in the late ‘70’s and taught myself to program. And, I’ve always been fascinated with the power of words to explain and even to entertain. I absolutely love learning technologies and communicating their core concepts to an audience wider than the developers and their inner circle.

I love content marketing because it lets me connect businesses with their prospective customers in a way that builds a relationship of trust. Tech customers are very savvy these days; if you provide them with helpful and actionable information they’ll respect you much more than if you try to sell them.

My customers love my work because I’m attentive to details, I meet deadlines, and I’m incredibly proactive. I appreciate relationships that engender mutual trust and I go out of my way to nurture and grow them.

I’ve been writing as part of jobs and consulting engagements for as long as I can remember. My expertise includes Linux technology, enterprise IT, search technology and, for a number of years I blogged about mathematics, led math circles and even interviewed over three dozen “math mavens” for a podcast series. I’ve served as a ghostwriter for several pieces. I’m very fluent in social media. My clients have included SUSE, Puppet Labs, the US Department of Energy, Fathym, and Deep Web Technologies. I’m also an IT consultant for a couple of organizations and I find that engaging with customers keeps my skills sharp.

Let me help you to connect with your savvy customers.